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Quility Assurance Program

Quility Assurance Program




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1. Proactive Maintenance Services (Programmed Maintenance)

Sustainability based preservation measures are the first ways to reduce carbon footprints.  Hydraulic infrastructure tires over time but specific and purposeful service planning optimises your assets operating efficiency levels. Achieving Net Zero, reducing emissions and waste are key considerations when we create Planned Maintenance schedules with you.

2. Reactive Maintenance Services (Scheduled Maintenance)

Efficiently addressing emerging issues, we'll prioritise every need with you to reinstate optimum operating functionality without compromising any downstream components. Reinstating the components into the Planned Maintenance schedule, efficiency levels are improved without delay.



3. Emergency Maintenance

Urgent support is at hand. Our agile response service is committed to your entire site, every tenant and every eventuality. All team members are fully equipped and understand exactly how to address an emergency breakdown. Supported by our local operations centre, multiple mobile units are available for deployment at any given moment. 

4 . Government, Commercial & Private 

We provide a fully compliant service. Local, state and federal legislation, and respective site protocols are followed without compromise. Asset owners, managers and operators with specific regulatory and operational needs know that transparency and probity are integral to our delivery processes. 



5. Sydney Water Approved Service 

Safety is our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality services. Our team, accredited by Sydney Water, undergoes continuous training covering technical skills, customer service, and daily site-specific updates. This commitment ensures we consistently meet the highest standards of excellence in our work.

6. Mobile & Experienced Team 

Friendly, experienced and reliable, our customer facing team members are highly valued at Planet FM. Well regarded in the industry for the quality of our services, we also understand that reputational management is an important consideration our clients. Our Onsite Engagement Policy outlines our expectations, which is designed to deliver world best practices. 



7. All Building/Asset Types

Roof-top to sub-basement multilevel carparks, our experience spans; premium office, mixed use, high traffic, shopping complex, education, defence, hospitals, data centres, industrial, infrastructure, train station, residential, brown and greenfield services..

8 . High Pressure Blockage Jetting 

Quickly unblocking and cleaning away built up debris, both services are readily available. Safely and quickly attending to blocked plumbing systems is key to also preventing damage to systems. Programmed high pressure cleaning of problematic areas can lower the risk of re-occurrence..



9. Water Quality Test & Report

Safe drinking water is essential. Technical sampling, monitoring and regular reporting is the only method of ensuring optimal water quality. Asset structure, micro-organisms, metals and many other considerations are reviewed in a process that has no room for compromise. 

10. CCTV Inspections of Sewer & Drains

Hidden from regular view, our modern inspection equipment allows us to quickly access areas to capture imagery, diagnose accurately, provide a written report, and repair areas efficiently to prevent any further damage.



11. Thermostatic Mixing Valves

We carry every component to quickly restore these commonly utilised valves and taps. Safely blending hot and cold water with a constant flow, user comfort is key. 

12. Repairs & Upgrades

Planet FM is a trusted provider of a comprehensive range of plumbing repairs and site upgrades. Every service engineer understands and values the opportunity to deliver a full range services, and is fully supported by supervisors and team members to deliver exceptional service.



13. Food Court, Multi-level & Restaurant 

High traffic and high priority areas with fluctuating foot traffic requires services to be delivery fast. We understand the need of mixed services sites and plan our availability accordingly. 

14. Storm & Flood 

We expect the unexpected.  As an essential service, our corporate, commercial and community outlook is one of support to others.  Should any asset plumbing become compromised, you can reply on Planet FM to engage without delay. 



15. Hot & Cold

Temperature control from chilled or hot water systems can cause injuries. Eliminate the risks by implementing regular service internals and testing.

16. Taps, Pumps, Filters, Pipes

Every asset has a range of varying technical installation and services needs. We understand and work with a responsible social procurement network of accredited suppliers, who also follow industry global best practices. 



17. Trade Waste Maintenance

We build, install and service waste management systems of all shapes and sizes.

18. Roof Repairs & Water Filtration

Repairs and maintenance of filtration systems and roof leaks are performed constantly.  . 



19. Water proofing

Professionally delivered with high performance materials and substrates, we do not compromise in the delivery in any of our services.

16. End of trip, Boiler room, WC, Kitchens, Canteens

Integrated services are delivered with the Customer Experience at front of mind. Across your entire site, Planet FM provides a seamless and professional hydraulic engineering service. 




Take the first step towards seamless business operations by scheduling an appointment with our dedicated customer relations team, who are eager to address all your commercial plumbing requirements with expertise and efficiency.


Take the first step towards seamless business operations by scheduling an appointment with our dedicated customer relations team, who are eager to address all your commercial plumbing requirements with expertise and efficiency.